The Greatest Showman

Phineas Taylor Barnum was an American promoter who produced bizarre shows, circuses and suspense in the 19th century, and later acted as one of the fathers of ratings and show-business. He was a speculative businessman and not a little tricky, got into trouble and was engraved in the collective memory by the phrase "Every minute a new sucker is born," which he may never have said. It is told that at his fairs there was a sign that said "To the egress this way". It seems that the word egress means "exit" in ancient English, so the people who did not understand the text left the fair and had to pay 25 cents again to enter. A complex and special type who worked at a crazy pace and initiated fairs, printed newspapers, set up theaters, organized beauty contests, ran to politics, and much more. It is too short to describe the plethora of entertainment businesses he has been dealing with throughout his life, so we will stop here.

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