Red Sparrow

Dominica Agorova had many shadows, a dedicated thaugh daughter to defend her mother at all costs, a prima ballerina pushing herself to the edge, seductive and manipulative agent.When she suffers an injury that kills her dance career, Dominica and her mother face a bleak and unknown future. She finds herself recruited into a secret intelligence organization that trains exceptional young women like her to use their bodies and personality like weapons. The two young officers collide in a charged atmosphere of trade-craft, deception, and inevitably forbidden passion that threatens not just their lives but the lives of others as well. After they will survive brutal training process, she becomes the cruelest Red Sparrow in the organization. When her life and those of her loved ones are in danger she need to decide whether to trust a young CIA agent who is trying to convince her that he is her only hope.

Movie Red Sparrow (2018) watch online free

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