Davis Okoye, starring by "The Rock", is a main primatologist in the zoo. In different word, he is really professional with monkeys and apes. Especially gorillas. In particular, he is really connected to an especially large gorilla male called George. Davis and George have a really special connection, Davis has been save George the baby from hunters, and since then they have been the best friends. They even communicate with each other in sign language. After remains of a dangerous space experiment is falling into the zoo, George discover a strong gas that affects him on the spot. George starts to grow more and more, without actually stopping. With it, he also turn to be aggressive and uncontrolled. He escaped from the zoo, calling to the intervention of the authorities. In the form of a secret agent rolled by Jeffrey Dean Morgan from "The Walking Dead" and the "Watchman".

Movie Rampage (2018) watch online free

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